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VEYE-MIPI-290/VEYE-MIPI-327 Data Sheet


VEYE-MIPI-290/VEYE-MIPI-327 is a camera module with excellent low illumination and wide dynamic performance.This module only has 38*38*8mm, which is convenient for integration and can be connected to various embedded motherboards with adapter board.Suitable for machine vision, intelligent analysis, industrial control, face recognition, ADAS etc...


  • 1/2.8 inch 2 Mega STARVIS sensor IMX290/IMX327 by SONY
  • MIPI output: CSI-2 (VEYE-MIPI-290/VEYE-MIPI-327 support)
  • Uncompressed UYVY format, YUV422-8bit
  • Standard lens mount
  • IR-CUT circuit
  • Stream mode and Capture mode
  • Framerate control
  • BLC, DOL-WDR, 2D/3D noise reduction, Anti-fog
  • Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation adjustable
  • Support Raspberry PI, FPGA, ZYNQ, RK3288, RK3399, JETSON NANO,TX2

Thechnical Detail

Technical Details
Pixels 2.07M pixels
Resolution 1920*1080
Image Size Diagonal 6.46 mm (Type 1/2.8)
Unit Cell Size 2.9um (H)*2.9um(V)
SNR1s Value 0.23lx / 0.18lx
Frame Rate 1080p@25 / 1080p@30fps
Exposure Auto or Manual
White Balance Auto or Manual
Shutter 1/25(1/30)s to 1/50,000s
Slow Shutter Support
Denoising 2D/3D noise reduction
Image Setting Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation,Flip, Mirror
Image Enhancement BLC, DOL-WDR, Defog
Day/Night Switch Manual or IR-CUT filter with external trigger
Lens & IR-CUT
Lens MTV12 / MTV16 / CS
Lens Mount M12*P0.5 / M16*P0.5 / CS,IRCUT is optional
Mounting Hole 2 screw holes with diameter of 2.2mm,20mm Center-to-Center Spacing
PCB Connector BTB connector:BTB050040-F1D
Communication Interface IIC, 3.3VDC
Video Data Interface MIPI:2 Data Lanes, CSI2 YUV422-8bit Data Type, Bandwidth 1.188Gbps
IR-CUT Control IR-CUT motor control, 3.3VDC
Day/Night External Trigger 3.3VDC to 12VDC compatibility
Operating Conditions -10℃~50℃, Humidity 95% or less, non-condensing
Power Supply 3.3VDC
Power Consumption 1.2W
Dimension 38mm*38mm*8mm(not include lens and lens mount)

Diagram, Layout and Dimension

VEYE-MIPI-290/327 User Interface
  • J5 : CSI-2 (MIPI) Interface
1 RESERVE, Not Connected 2 RESERVE, Not Connected
3 GND 4 RESERVE, Not Connected
5 RESERVE, Not Connected 6 RESERVE, Not Connected
7 RESERVE, Not Connected 8 RESERVE, Not Connected
9 GND 10 GND
11 RESERVE, Not Connected 12 RESERVE, Not Connected
13 RESERVE, Not Connected 14 RESERVE, Not Connected
15 GND 16 GND
17 MIPI_CK_P 18 SCL_3.3V
19 MIPI_CK_N 20 SDA_3.3V
21 GND 22 RESERVE, Not Connected
23 MIPI_L1_P 24 RESERVE, Not Connected
25 MIPI_L1_N 26 RESERVE, Not Connected
27 GND 28 RESERVE, Not Connected
29 MIPI_L0_P 30 RESERVE, Not Connected
31 MIPI_L0_N 32 RESERVE, Not Connected
33 GND 34 GND
35 GND 36 GND
37 VCC3V3 38 VCC3V3
39 VCC3V3 40 VCC3V3
  • J3 : Day/Night External Trigger
1 Day&Night Signal In High level active(Image to MONO),3.3VDC to 12VDC compatibility
3 NC
  • J4 : IRCUT Control
Functional specifications
pin Signal polarity Image type Filter position
Mode 1 IRCUT1 + color Infrared cutoff
Mode 2 IRCUT1 - mono Full wavelength pass
  • Board Dimension
VEYE-MIPI-290-327 CAD drawing unit : mm

Download dwg file here

3D freecad file

Imaging Effect

CPU boards

Support a variety of platforms, as follows:


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