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1 How to get version

CS-MIPI-IMX307 has two version number, Using shell script CS-MIPI-X i2c,get hdver and firmwarever.

hdver(LV) is logic version of FPGA,firmwarever(FV) is firmware version.

2 Upgrade package download

CS Serials Camera Upgrade Images(CS系列模组升级镜像baiduyun)


CS Serials Camera Upgrade Images(Mediafire)

3 Version Log

  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.39_LV3.4_20210427.bin
  1. fixbug: free running mode, little frame drops.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.38_LV3.4_20210326.bin
  1. Support YUV seq setting, add YUYV mode.
  2. Support i2c write protect function.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.36_LV3.3_20210303.bin
    1. FIX bug:720p and VGA mode, modify crop area to center.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.35_LV3.3_20201126.bin
    1. 307 support mini exposure time to 1 line.
    2. Support decimal frame rate to achieve the purpose of exposure time exceeding 1s.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.33_LV3.3_20201106.bin
    1. Optimize the sync mechanism by using only frame synchronization signals.
    2. Fpdlink mode synchronization is supported.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.32_LV3.0_20200927.bin
  1. Add the gain threshold in slow shutter mode.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.32_LV3.2_20201106.bin
  1. Fix bug: slave sensor image filcker in sync mode.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.31_LV3.0_20200817.bin
  1. FIX bug: A Black line on top @ 720p mode.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.30_LV3.0_20200730.bin
  1. support slow shutter mode.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV2.27_LV3.0_20200617.bin
  1. support continuous frame rate adjustable in freerunning mode.
  2. support pick mode,pick one frame in video stream.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.24_LV2.3_20200508.bin
  1. Improve Defect Pixel effection.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.23_LV2.3_20200507.bin
  1. Modify the definition of imagedir.
  2. support indirect reading of sensor register.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.22_LV2.3_20200506.bin
  1. Two special daynight modes have been added.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.21_LV2.3_20200422.bin
  1. support flip mirror setting.
  2. support ae param setting.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.19_LV2.3_20200417.bin
  1. Optimized sync mode,achieve the consistency of the output phase of the master and slave cameras mipi signal.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.18_LV2.2_20200413.bin
  1. fix bug: Possible duplicate frame problem.
  2. Modified sync mode to reduce latency.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_FV1.17_LV2.2_20200410.bin
  1. support CSC param: hue,contrast,saturation.
  2. support day/night mode setting via i2c cmd.
  3. support exposure state and white balance state read out.
  4. support manual exposure and manual white balance setting.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_V1.16_V2.2_20200403.bin
  1. support 640*480@130fps mode
  2. Reduce the delay.
  3. fix bug:No matter what the configuration parameters are, it always starts in 1920*1080 mode.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_V1.15_V2.2_20200327.bin
  1. support stream sync mode.
  2. support i2c address change and save.
  • CS-MIPI-IMX307_V1.0_20191208.bin
  1. support antiflicker.
  2. Reduce 3D denoise strength.