How to assemble camera module

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How to assemble camera module and focus

assembling lens

  • Remove the sensor protective film and be careful not to touch the sensor surface.
Remove the sensor protective film

  • Matching selection of lens holder and screw
self-tapping screws for plastic screw holes
Pan head screw for metal screw holes

  • Tighten the screws, secure the lens, and plug in the IR_CUT terminal if needed
Assembly effect

assembling adapter board

VEYE-MIPI-327 adapter board assemble copper column
Assembly effect

FFC calbe plug in

FFC assemble and direction


After the assembly is completed, install the camera module to the corresponding platform and preview the video.

Rotate the lens to focus clearly. The depth of field of the fixed focus lens is relatively large, and the lens can be fine-tuned back and forth to clearly image the objects within the desired shooting distance.

Be careful not to touch the lens surface with your hands, and do not wipe the lens surface with non-professional paper.

Focus operation method