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PART NUMBER 型号 F NO. 光圈 Focal-Length 焦距 Optical format 光学规格 Lens structure 镜片构成 Mount 接口 FOV(D/H/V) 视场角 IR CUT 畸变 Picture产品图片
YT0.95-4I 0.95 4mm 1/2.7 5G4P M16*P0.5 109.9/92.3/48.7 YES -40.8%  
YT1.0-4I 1.0 4mm 1/2.7 2G5P M12*P0.5 103.7/87/46.2 YES -36.8%  
YT1.0-4 1.0 4mm 1/2.7 2G5P M12*P0.5 103.7/87/46.2 NO -36.8%  
YT1.0-6I 1.0 6mm 1/2.7 3G3P M12*P0.5 66.5/57.2/31.4 YES -16.4%  
YT2.0-3.5I 2.0 3.5mm 1/2.7 2G4P M12*P0.5 92/82/51 YES <1%  
YT2.4-4I 2.4 4mm 1/2.7 1G3P M12*P0.5 114.09/92.17/48.32 YES -45%  

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