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[[VEYE-LVDS-290/327|<big><big><big><big>VEYE-LVDS-290/327 Data Sheet</big></big></big></big>]]

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VEYE-LVDS-290/327 Data Sheet


VEYE-LVDS-290/327 is a camera module designed by Tianjin Zhongan Yijia technology co., LTD., with excellent low illumination and wide dynamic performance.This module only has 38*38*8mm, which is convenient for integration and can be connected to various embedded motherboards with adapter board.Suitable for machine vision, intelligent analysis, industrial control, face recognition, ADAS etc...


Thechnical Detail

Technical Details
Pixels 2.07M pixels
Resolution 1920*1080
Image Size Diagonal 6.46 mm (Type 1/2.8)
Unit Cell Size 2.9um (H)*2.9um(V)
Frame Rate 1080p@25 / 1080p@30fps
Exposure Auto or Manual
White Balance Auto or Manual
Shutter 1/25(1/30)s to 1/50,000s
Slow Shutter Support
Denoising 2D/3D noise reduction
Image Setting Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation,Flip, Mirror
Image Enhancement BLC, DOL-WDR, Defog
Day/Night Switch Manual or IR-CUT filter with external trigger
Lens & IR-CUT
Lens Support M12*0.5 or M16*0.5 depend on lens mount
Lens Mount with IR-CUT MTV12 or MTV16
Mounting Hole 2 screw holes with diameter of 2.2mm,20mm Center-to-Center Spacing
PCB Connector BTB connector:BTB050040-F1D
Communication Interface IIC, 3.3VDC
Video Data Interface LVDS:3 Data Lanes, bandwidth:1.5582Gbps
IR-CUT Control IR-CUT motor control, 3.3VDC
Day/Night External Trigger 3.3VDC to 12VDC compatibility
Operating Conditions -10℃-50℃, Humidity 95% or less, non-condensing
Power Supply 3.3VDC
Power Consumption 3.3VDC,1.2W
Dimension 38mm*38mm*8mm(not include lens and lens mount)

Diagram, Layout and Dimension

1 RESERVE, Not Connected 2 RESERVE, Not Connected
3 GND 4 RESERVE, Not Connected
5 RESERVE, Not Connected 6 RESERVE, Not Connected
7 RESERVE, Not Connected 8 RESERVE, Not Connected
9 GND 10 GND
11 LVDS_L2_P 12 RESERVE, Not Connected
13 LVDS_L2_N 14 RESERVE, Not Connected
15 GND 16 GND
17 LVDS_CK_P 18 SCL_3.3V
19 LVDS_CK_N 20 SDA_3.3V
21 GND 22 RESERVE, Not Connected
23 LVDS_L1_P 24 RESERVE, Not Connected
25 LVDS_L1_N 26 RESERVE, Not Connected
27 GND 28 RESERVE, Not Connected
29 LVDS_L0_P 30 RESERVE, Not Connected
31 LVDS_L0_N 32 RESERVE, Not Connected
33 GND 34 GND
35 GND 36 GND
37 VCC3V3 38 VCC3V3
39 VCC3V3 40 VCC3V3
  • J3 pin list
1 Day&Night Signal In
3 NC
  • J4 pin list

Imaging Effect

CPU boards

  • Demo for FPGA usage

We provide a demo for FPGA usage,check link here.


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