CS-MIPI-SC132 version log

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1 How to get version

CS-MIPI-SC132 has two version number, Using shell script CS-MIPI-X i2c,get hdver and firmwarever.

hdver(LV) is logic version of FPGA,firmwarever(FV) is firmware version.

2 Upgrade package download

CS Serials Camera Upgrade Images(Mediafire)

3 Version Log

  • CS-MIPI-SC132_FV3.43_LV4.2_20231215.bin
  1. Resolved the bug preventing the completion of the restore to default values. Note: FV2.x versions cannot be upgraded to this version.
  • CS-MIPI-SC132_FV2.38_LV3.4_20210326.bin
  1. Support YUV seq setting, add YUYV mode.
  2. Support i2c write protect function.
  • CS-MIPI-SC132_FV2.37_LV3.1_20210322.bin
  1. Direct exposure mode is supported, in which isp is skipped and exposure parameters are written directly to sensor.
  • CS-MIPI-SC132_FV2.33_LV3.1_20201027.bin
  1. FIX BUG: led strobe IO ouput wrong.
  • CS-MIPI-SC132_FV2.28_LV3.1_20200624.bin
  1. The first release.
  2. Support stream mode, Hardware Trigger mode, Software Trigger.
  3. Support continuous frame rate adjustable, adjustable range [2,MAX].