Protect CMOS sensor from dust and dirt

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Protect CMOS sensor from dust and dirt

Image sensors are packed and delivered with care taken to protect the element glass surfaces fromharmful dust and dirt.

Clean glass surfaces with the following operations as required before use.

(1) Perform all lens assembly and other work in a clean environment (class 1000 or less). (If there are no conditions, try to find a clean space for assembly.)

(2) Do not touch the glass surface with hand and make any object contact with it. If dust or other is stuck to a glass surface, blow it off with an air blower. (For dust stuck through static electricity, ionized air is recommended.)

(3) Clean with a cotton swab with ethyl alcohol if grease or water stained. Be careful not to scratch the glass.

(4) Keep in a dedicated case to protect from dust and dirt. To prevent dew condensation, preheat or precool when moving to a room with great temperature differences.






(2)切勿用手触摸玻璃表面,任何物体不得接触。如果玻璃表面粘有灰尘或其他物质,请用吹球吹掉 (对于静电滞留的灰尘,建议使用电离空气)。