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1 Introduction

CS series cameras support slow shutter mode, the following mainly introduces the slow shutter application of CS-MIPI-IMX307.

2 Version description

For the record of version , please refer to the VEYE-MIPI-IMX307 Version Log.

Slow shutter is supported only after FV2.32, and is improved in later versions of FV2.35. Customers who use the slow shutter function must upgrade to a later version of FV2.35.

3 Use restriction

3.1 SYNC mode

Do not support framerate continuously adjustable function and slow shutter mode.

3.2 Exposure time effective delay and transmission delay

After configuring an me time, it is recommended to take the 5th frame to use.

4 IMX307 feature

The exposure time of the sensor is adjusted by one line time—— tr. For IMX307, the supported exposure time range is [tr,0x3FFFF*tr].

IMX307 exposure time range
camera mode tr min exp time max exp time min framerate max framerate
1920*1080 30us 30us 7,767,200us 0.13 30
1280*720 22us 22us 5,825,400us 0.18 60
640*480 15us 15us 3,877,855us 0.26 130
  • The current actual exposure time and gain value can be read through expostate at any time.

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -r -f expostate

5 Autoexposure mode slow shutter configuration

  • Set to auto exposure mode

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f expmode -p1 0

  • Set to slow shutter mode

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f expfrmmode -p1 0

  • Set slowshuttergain

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f slowshuttergain -p1 X -p2 Y

  • Set aetime

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f aetime -p1 [max exptime]

In slow shutter mode, the scene gradually darkens, AE algorithm will first increase the exposure time, after reaching the upper limit of 1/framerate, and then increase the gain, after reaching the threshold shuttergain value, continue to increase the exposure time (up to aetime), when the frame rate will be reduced.

6 Manual exposure mode configuration

  • Set framerate

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f videofmt -p1 1920 -p2 1080 -p4 [framerate]

framerate range is [min framerate , max framerate].

  • Set to manual exposure mode

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f expmode -p1 1

  • Set to manual gain(Optional)

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f meagain -p1 X -p2 Y

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f medgain -p1 X -p2 Y

  • Set manual

./cs_mipi_i2c.sh -w -f metime -p1 [exptime]

metime upper limit is(1000000/framerate)us.