Mvcam firmware update manual

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1 Applicable Product models

  • MV MIPI series (for instance MV-MIPI-IMX178M ...)
  • RAW MIPI series (for instance RAW-MIPI-SC132M ...)

2 How to upgrade camera firmware

Each MIPI camera module has an i2c control interface. We use this i2c bus interface for firmware upgrades.

2.1 Prepare

You can get the upgrade package for the camera from this link. The default file name is ProductMode_Version_.bin, for instance MV-MIPI-IMX178M_C1.08_L1.02_upgrade.bin.

Use the veye_i2c_upgrade tool to perform the upgrade operation. For different motherboards, we release the corresponding mv_tools_rpi toolset which contains veye_i2c_upgrade.

The mv_tools_rpi is available on GitHub, for example the tools for the Raspberry Pi platform can be downloaded from this link.

2.2 Upgrading

  • Step 1:

Put the upgrade package(MV-MIPI-IMX178M_C1.08_L1.02_upgrade.bin) into the same directory as veye_i2c_upgrade.

  • Step 2:

Confirm that the camera module is powered up.

Using v4l2 driver mode, the power up and probe process will be performed during the linux boot process.

In particular, for the legacy mode of the Raspberry Pi, you need to execute camera_i2c_config to power up the camera.

  • Step 3:

Please refer to the following article to determine which i2c bus this camera is connected to.

i2c bus number on different boards

  • Step 4:

For the mv series, execute this command to read the current version:

./ -r -f version -b [i2c bus]

For VEYE-MIPI-IMX335,execute this command to read the current version:

./ -r -f version -b [i2c bus]

  • Step 5:

Execute this command to upgrade, and a progress prompt will be displayed during the upgrade.

./veye_i2c_upgrade [upgrade package file name] -b [i2c bus]

  • Step 6:

After the upgrade is complete, the camera will automatically restart. You can re-read the version number to confirm.

./ -r -f version -b [i2c bus]

  • Step 7:

After successful upgrade, it is recommended to restore the factory settings to avoid possible problems caused by the mismatch between the current configuration parameters and the newly upgraded program.

./ -w -f factoryparam -b [i2c bus]