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This AN introduces how to upgrade the firmware of camera module by using U disk through USB interface.

1 Applicable Product models

  • CS-MIPI-IMX307
  • CS-USB-IMX307
  • CS-MIPI-SC132

2 How to upgrade camera firmware using USB disk

2.1 Prepare

  • Get the upgrade file via link,or other way. The default file name is ProductMode_Version_Releasedata.bin.
  • Formatting your Usb Disk to FAT32.(partition of U disk should <= 16GB.)
  • Rename upgrade file name to dimaging_upgrade.bin and copy to root dir of USB disk.

2.2 Upgrading

  • Plug in the USB disk as shown belown when power off.
  • Power on. Notice that USB camera module using power port instead of commonly used USB port. MIPI camera module using 5V power port,disconnect FFC line.
  • The camera module will check the upgrade file. If LED light ON for 500ms and OFF, means upgrading begin. If LED ON for > 2s, means upgrade file wrong.
  • LED keep on flickering (released before 20200510 flicker for 3 times),means upgrading OK. Power off.
  • If LED stays ON, this means upgrading failed,please check the upgrade file.