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How to use VEYE-MIPI-327 camera module on KHADAS EDGE(RK3399 ubuntu)


This guide shows how to use VEYE-MIPI-290/327 on KHADAS Edge Board. We use fenix_0.8.2(20200110) version source code.

VEYE-MIPI-290/327 is STARVIS camera module with ISP functions build in. It output UYVY data using MIPI-CSI2. We provide V4L2 interface for video streaming apps , and Video Control Toolkits (which is Shell Script) to control the camera module directly.

Hardware Setup

The system installation is shown as follows in the figure. We have a special Edge adapter board.For Details:(TODO).

VEYE-MIPI-327 connect to Khadas Edge-V
Khadas Edge-V FFC cable details(Contact facing outward)
VEYE-MIPI-327 FFC cable details(Contact facing outward)

Note:Khadas Edge-V board use i2c-6 for both CAM0 and CAM1,We just support CAM0 now.

Download bsp package we provide

Download source code and bsp form link below:

git clone

Using the prebuilt Image to upgrade Khadas Edge

  • Install Official Image first

Download Offical Image:,We use Edge_Ubuntu-lxde-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_EMMC_V20190830 as an example.

Flashing the Edge Board follow manual:

  • Upgrading kernel and dtb

The upgrade package path is:


copy kernel-debs.tgz and rkisp-engine-2.0.1_arm64.tgz to Edge Board.

  • Installing kernel and dtb

tar -xzvf kernel-debs.tgz

cd kernel-debs

sudo dpkg -i linux-dtb-rockchip-4.4_0.8.2_arm64.deb

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-rockchip-4.4_0.8.2_arm64.deb

sudo dpkg -i linux-image-rockchip-4.4_0.8.2_arm64.deb

  • Installing rkisp librarys(as needed)

tar -xzvf rkisp-engine-2.0.1_arm64.tgz

sudo cp -arf rkisp-engine-2.0.1_arm64/* /

Using the source code to upgrade Khadas Edge

Setting Up the Environment

  • Installing Fenix and download source code

According to the steps of Khadas:,The latest code is automatically downloaded.

make kernel

Building from Source

  • patch code

cp rk3399_veye_dimaging_bsp/ubuntu/drivers_source/VEYE-MIPI-327/veye327.c ~/project/fenix/linux/drivers/media/i2c/

cp rk3399_veye_dimaging_bsp/ubuntu/drivers_source/Makefile ~/project/fenix/linux/drivers/media/i2c/

cp rk3399_veye_dimaging_bsp/ubuntu/drivers_source/Kconfig ~/project/fenix/linux//drivers/media/i2c/

  • add compile option

cd ~/project/fenix/linux/

make ARCH=arm64 kedge_defconfig

make ARCH=arm64 menuconfig

add CONFIG_VIDEO_VEYE327 option.

or you can edit .config to add CONFIG_VIDEO_VEYE327 option.

  • build

make kernel && make kernel-deb

the output debs is in ./build/images/debs/0.8.2/ directory.

Applications and Test

Check system status

Run the following command to confirm whether the camera is correctly connected.

dmesg | grep veye327  

The output message appears as shown below:

Detected VEYE06 sensor

Video Stream Toolkits Manual

  • Preview 1080p HD
  • Record 1080p HD in H.264 format to a video file

gst-launch-1.0 rkv4l2src num-buffers=512 ! video/x-raw,format=YUY2,width=1920,height=1080,framerate=30/1 ! queue ! mpph264enc ! queue ! h264parse ! mpegtsmux ! filesink location=/tmp/veye_video.ts

  • Capturing FHD still image  

Video Control Toolkits Manual

We use DRA(Directly Register Access) mode to set camera paramters. And we provide shell script for using. Location:


  • Check hardware connection

i2cdetect 6

VEYE327camera i2c address is 0x3b.

  • use to setting paramters,-b is i2c bus: -b 6

Video Control Toolkits Manual : VEYE-MIPI-290/327 i2c


From Khadas


From Rockchip