MV-MIPI-IMX265M Version Log

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1 How to get version

MV series MIPI cameras have two version numbers, Using shell script ,get version.

L version is logic version,C version is controller version.

2 Upgrade package download

CS Serials Camera Upgrade Images(Mediafire)

3 Version Log

  • MV-MIPI-IMX265M_C1.19_L1.30_upgrade.bin
  1. First release version.
  • MV-MIPI-IMX265M_C1.26_L1.32_upgrade_20230208.bin
  1. Improve signal integrity of MIPI CSI-2.
  2. Improved AE and AG algorithms.
  3. Solve the problem that imx265 imx264 has a black border at the bottom.
  • MV-MIPI-IMX265M_C1.34_L2.02_upgrade_20231024.bin
  1. Increased the image processing speed of the ISP module, resulting in an enhanced maximum frame rate.
  2. Removed the UYVY data type.
  3. D-PHY reset only triggers a power-on reset once, ensuring that each lane is in the LP11 state, which is beneficial for the initialization of the MIPI-RX end, such as Zynq.