MV-MIPI-IMX287M Data Sheet

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MV-MIPI-IMX287M Data Sheet

1 Introduction

MV-MIPI-IMX287M is a 0.4M MONO industrial camera with MIPI interface.

This camera has a small size (29*29mm) and rich functions, so it is suitable for integration as an image acquisition component.


2 Features

  • 1/2.9'' 0.4M Pixel SONY IMX287LLR-C Pregius Global Shutter CMOS SENSOR
  • MIPI CSI-2 Interface
  • Mono-8、Mono-10,Mono-12 Data Format
  • Video streaming mode(Free Running),Trigger mode
  • Hardware and Software trigger source
  • Support trigger frame number, interval, delay, trigger filter function
  • Strobe synchronization
  • ROI
  • USER Output
  • Flexible frame rate settings

3 Technical Detail

Technical Details
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Mode Global Shutter
Sensor SONY IMX287LLR-C Pregius
Color MONO
Image Size 1/2.9''
Unit Cell Size 6.9μm × 6.9μm
Resolution 720(H) × 544(V)
Max Frame Rate 720×544 @ 530fps RAW8

720×544 @ 437fps RAW10

720×544 @ 320fps RAW12

Gain 0 dB to 24 dB: Analog Gain (0.1 dB step)

24.1 dB to 48 dB: Analog Gain: 24 dB + Digital Gain: 0.1 dB to 24 dB (0.1 dB step)

Exposure Time ≤ 1/(max frame rate)
Shutter Mode AE,ME,AE Once
ISP Bad Pixel Correction,8bit GAMMA,User Lookup Table
ADC Resolution 8,10,12 bit
Pixel Format Mono8,Mono10,Mono-12,UYVY 8bit
ROI Support, Min.Area :264x4
Mirror Image Mirror and Flip
Working Mode Hardware Trigger,Software Trigger,Video streaming mode(Free Running)
Trigger Mode Trigger Filtering,Trigger Delay,Trigger Polarity Control
Strobe Mode Strobe Output Control,Strobe Delay,Strobe Polarity Control
Electrical characteristics
Data Interface CSI-2 : 2 Data Lanes

Data Rate / lane:1.5Gbps

Communication Interface I2C 3.3V
Digital IO Non-isolation IO:1 Trigger in,2 Multi-function output,3.3V Level
Power Supply 5VDC
Power Consumption 1W@ 5VDC
Size Length * width * height = 29*29*11mm
Lens Mount C-MOUNT01
Operating Conditions
Temperature Operating temperature:-30℃~ 60℃
Humidity Humidity 95% or less

4 Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics

Sensor Spectral Sensitivity

5 Interface & Pin list

J3: CSI-2 Interface,Up Contact
Pin NO. NAME Remarks
2 VCC 5V
3 VCC 5V
4 VCC 5V
5 VCC 5V
7 ENABLE Power Enable,3.3V,ACTIVE High
9 MIPI_L0_N Lane 0 Negative
10 MIPI_L0_P Lane 0 Positive
11 GND
12 MIPI_L1_N Lane 1 Negative
13 MIPI_L1_P Lane 1 Positive
14 GND
15 MIPI_CK_N CLK Negative
16 MIPI_CK_P CLK Positive
17 GND
18 MIPI_L2_N Reserved
19 MIPI_L2_P Reserved
20 GND
21 MIPI_L3_N Reserved
22 MIPI_L3_P Reserved
23 GND
24 SCL I2C SCL, 3.3V Level
25 SDA I2C SDA, 3.3V Level
26 GPIO3 Reserved
27 OUT_2 Multi-function Port 2,3.3V level
28 OUT_1 Multi-function Port 1,3.3V level
29 TriggerIN Hardware Trigger in,3.3V level
30 GND

Download 2D file here

6 PCBA 3D STP File

Download 3D STP file