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1 Main App Notes

1.1 VEYE and CS series App Notes

Series Model Status
VEYE series VEYE-MIPI-IMX327S Done
VEYE series VEYE-MIPI-IMX385 Done
VEYE series VEYE-MIPI-IMX462 Done
CS series CS-MIPI-IMX307 Done
CS series CS-MIPI-SC132 Done
1.1.1 V4l2 mode

The v4l2 mode is the main application mode in the future, which supports 64-bit piOS.

Raspberry Pi decided to use libcamera to implement an isp solution that does not rely on Broadcom's gpu firmware as much as possible.

At the driver layer, the standard V4L2 sensor driver was used whenever possible, and a series of libcamera-apps were released at the application layer.

Our camera module is not dependent on libcamera because we have implemented isp functionality inside the camera.

In the following article, we provide the standard V4l2 mode driver and implement the application layer demo based on this driver: preview, video recording, network transmission, opencv application, etc.

Of course, we have plans to provide application layer demos similar to libcamera-apps in the future.

1.1.2 Legacy mode

The system of Raspberry Pi - bullseye has removed the support of raspicam by default,which depends on MMAL and Broadcom's GPUs firmware. Of course we can still use this so called legacy mode, and it still has value.

The latest Raspberry Pi system, Bookworm, no longer supports the legacy mode.

The following articles address the use of different models of camera modules in lagacy mode.

1.2 MV series App Notes

Series Model Status
MV series MV-MIPI-IMX178M Done
MV series MV-MIPI-SC130M Done
MV series MV-MIPI-IMX296M Done
MV series MV-MIPI-IMX287M Done
MV series MV-MIPI-IMX265M Done
MV series MV-MIPI-IMX264M Done
RAW series RAW-MIPI-SC132M Done
RAW series RAW-MIPI-IMX462M Done
RAW series RAW-MIPI-AR0234M Done
1.2.1 V-by-One-HS KIT

2 I2C user guide

For the parameter configuration aspect of the camera module, we use the DRA (Direct Register Access) approach instead of encapsulating the interface in the v4l2 driver in order to achieve better flexibility and a more direct parameter configuration function.

The following shell scripts can be used directly or embedded into your programs. Of course, by reading their source codes, you will be able to see the registers and access methods corresponding to each function.

2.1 veye_mipi_i2c.sh

Applicable models: VEYE-MIPI-290/327,VEYE-MIPI-IMX327S,VEYE-MIPI-IMX462,VEYE-MIPI-IMX385.

2.2 cs_mipi_i2c.sh

Applicable models: CS-MIPI-IMX307,CS-MIPI-SC132.

2.3 veye5_mipi_i2c.sh

Applicable models:VEYE-MIPI-IMX335.

2.4 mv_mipi_i2c.sh

Applicable models:MV-MIPI-XXX,RAW-MIPI-XXX.

3 Others